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Your Mouth is Talking. 

Are You Being Heard?

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Your mouth is one of your most valued assets. This is the show for anyone with something important to say. Together, we explore a whole new take on amplifying your influence and power to be heard in a noisy world.

Power and Influence

Hosted by Master Mouthologist Raye Mitchell, J.D. MBA
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The Genius Agency, Inc. Entertainment Company Officially Launches New Original Podcast The Mouthology Show.TV

With Raye Mitchell


The Genius Agency, Inc. Entertainment Company officially launches the new original podcast The Mouthology® Show. TV on April 15 20th, 2022. Each episode will be hosted by entertainment lawyer, writer, and producer Boss Girl Raye Mitchell, JD, MBA and will delight the audience with though-provoking, entertaining conversations about influence, power, mouthfulness, and being heard. 

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