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Own the narrative-04-12-2022

Mouthology Shoe Press Release 2 2 2022 Season One
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The Genius Agency, Inc. Entertainment Company Officially Launches New Original Podcast The Mouthology Show.TV With Raye Mitchell

A Podcast about Influence, Power, Mouthfulness, and Being Heard.™


Los Angeles, California—The Genius Agency, Inc. Entertainment Company officially launches the new original podcast The Mouthology® Show. TV on April 15 20th, 2022. Each episode will be hosted by entertainment lawyer, writer, and producer Boss Girl Raye Mitchell, JD, MBA and will delight the audience with though-provoking, entertaining conversations about influence, power, mouthfulness, and being heard.

Your Mouth is Talking. Are You Being Heard? Filling the gap between science and everyday life lessons learned by being an empowered storyteller and influencer, this infotainment video podcast series is committed to a whole new take on how to give ourselves the gift of mouth care (storytelling), leveraging the power of reputation, and be heard in a noisy world.

The Mouthology Show. TV show delivers a hybrid mix of the informative talk-show format, digging into new trends and opportunities in communications, branding, marketing, publishing, all things mouthful, writing, and the entertainment industry. Boss Girl Raye Mitchell and her expert and celebrity guests give the audience a whole new way to think about mouth-care. Together, they will explore how you can drive new levels of creativity, self-expression, impact, and influence.

“Competition is fierce, and everyone has a story to tell and be heard. Together, we’ll explore how you can harness the genius of your mouth to break out of the boundaries of sameness thinking, be heard, produce, tell your story and create positive outcomes,” says host Boss Girl Raye Mitchell.

Season one of The Mouthology Show. TV, entitled Own the Narrative™, features Shellye Archambeau: Fortune 500 board member, Former CEO, and Author of Unapologetically Ambitious; Advertising Hall of Fame ad icon CEO Carol H. Williams, and other noted mouthologists. The show will debut with Cindy Brown, an Olympian Gold Medalist, former WNBA player and one of Snoop Dogg’s all-time top ten basketball players. Raye is working with Cindy on the new civil rights movement focused on mental health, wellness, and civil justice reform. Raye’s work captured in the forthcoming investigative whistleblower report entitled, Breaking the Insidious Silence. The Cindy Brown Bank of New York Mellon Whistleblower Report, helped Cindy win a court hearing focused on reforming the civil justice system to be more sensitive to mental health issues and the imbalance of power for everyday Americans drawn into civil disputes with or without a lawyer. “I am excited to be working with The Genius Agency to tell my story. Raye helped me get a court hearing after trying to be heard for over 14 years about being left homeless from identity theft, a corporate identity theft scam, and people who tried to ruin my reputation.” Brown added.

The Mouthology Show. TV airs Tuesday nights at 5:00 PM EST. Available from iTunes, iHeart, Libsyn, and everywhere you download your favorite podcast. Also on www. and

About the Host:

Boss Girl Raye Mitchell Raye JD, MBA is an award-winning entrepreneur, investigative writer, entertainment lawyer, and content producer. She is a master mouthologist®. She is helping people leverage their intellectual property assets to be heard in a noisy world. A University of Southern California Marshall School of Business MBA and Harvard Law school graduate, she is the inventor of tools that help people create new wins to manage and leverage reputation power, get animated, be heard, and tell their story, including the PPT Assessment™ and the PPT Score™

As a social justice advocate and lawyer, Raye is committed to helping everyday Americans, regardless of income, be heard and gain access to justice in the era of a crumbling civil justice system that is anything but civil.

About The Genius Agency, Inc.

The Genius Agency, Inc. is a content production company, publisher, entertainment and intellectual property reputation management firm for creators, writers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and anyone with a story to tell. The Genius Agency is a strategy leader that delivers a full range expertise to help its clients produce, protect, and tell their story to the masses and be heard.



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